Your Baby Understands Your Affection Now

Your baby is now 10 months now and understands quite well the implications that you try to make when you shower him with lots of love and affection. He understands your loving gestures like kisses, flying kisses, hugs, and cuddles, and since your family members too have been blowing kisses to your baby, he kind of understands their affection too.

What you need to know

When younger, your baby could not coordinate the arm to mouth movement as the muscles were contracted. But now your baby is stronger and can manage these movements.

Your Baby Understands Your Affection Now

Your baby can now be expected to imitate you and blow you a kiss. One of the ‘sweet memory’ moments for sure.

This blowing a kiss shows that your baby’s cognition is developing and there is development of affection. Healthy emotional development has happened. All good signs! Pour in some more mushy kisses with your little cherub!

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