Your Baby Understands Your Healing Kiss When He Gets A Wound

Your Baby Understands Your Healing Kiss When He Gets A Wound

Your baby at this stage is prone to hurting himself while playing or simply moving around random spots in the house. Of course, it is disheartening to see your little joy hurt, but did you know that your angel can understand your assuring healing kiss? Yes, that's how well he has already bonded with you! A lot of love and reassurance will go a long way, but as a parent it’s a great idea if you know the basics of first-aid at the same time.

What you need to do

Keep a first-aid kit handy around the house. The kit can be of help when there has been a small cut or bruise. Make sure that you carry a similar kit in your car’s glove compartment. Familiarize family members and caregivers about the location and use of the first-aid kit. A cute band aid with his favourite cartoon character or colour can go a long way in distracting young kids. 

You may soon discover that the first-aid kit doesn’t really help much as you may have to deal with high temperature, loose motion, splinters in hands or feet, and heat rashes. In such cases it is best to consult a doctor.