Your Baby Will Be More Hungry Now

Your Baby Will Be More Hungry Now
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Your three week old might seem a little extra hungry, it’s not his fault as food is a basic requirement not just for his age, but for all. His body needs a regular milk supply to support his growth needs, it is your duty as a mother to create and follow a precise time schedule for feeding your little one. A healthy baby should reach double his weights within six months of his birth. 

What you need to know

At three weeks, your little one’s internal organs aren’t developed enough to digest anything but your milk, thus, it becomes the only source of food and nutrition at this age. Breast milk is easily digested, which is yet another reason why he could be hungry all the time.

Be careful in your observations of his cries, it may be possible that you are unable to figure out if he is hungry or distressed, let your instincts make your judgments and look out for obvious signs, like, rubbing of lip and sucking of fingers.