Your Baby Will Listen To Voices

Your Baby Will Listen To Voices
1m to 4m
Your baby will have more developed listening skills than what she had as a complete newborn. She will recognize familiar voices that she hears frequently. However, at this age, her ability to focus on sounds will be short. She will be able to listen to voices for 30 seconds or so only.
What can you do
Talk and sing to your baby regularly. This will make her get used to your voice and soon you will find that your voice will sooth and calm her in any kind of distress. Babies at this age also respond well to high-pitched and exaggerated speech called ‘Baby Talk’. Mix adult words and tone with the ‘baby talk. This will pave the way for speech development and her first words. You can also stimulate your baby‘s hearing by keeping her nearby as you talk to family members and friends.