Your Baby Will Most Likely Sleep All Through The Night

Your Baby Will Most Likely Sleep All Through The Night

At this stage when your little bundle of joy has already turned 6 months old he would prefer to sleep around 9 hours to 12 hours during night. Now he would tend to sleep through the night more frequently and is also likely to give up his night feeds. 
What you need to know
Parenting is a thankless job and after a long and tiring day without even a single minute relaxing on your own, you would definitely want to take few hours of peaceful sleep during night but hold on, there is no way you can predict when your baby will sleep all through the night. You may find some babies will sleep through the night earlier than others because no matter what, every baby is different and will do things differently at their own pace and in their own way. But sleeping all through night generally occurs after 6 months. Usually between the age of 6 months and 12 months babies really don’t need a night time feeding. A good bedtime routine will help in your baby’s overall healthy growth and development. 

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