Your Baby Will Now Judge The Size Of An Object And Grab It Accordingly

Your Baby Will Now Judge The Size Of An Object And Grab It Accordingly
6m to 9m
Gross motor
By 6 months of age, your baby develops the coordination between his eyes and his hands and this is the time when he would always be eager to explore new textures and shapes. 
What you need to know
With each passing month you would discover that your baby’s grabbing skills matures and he can grasp small objects more accurately and with lesser efforts. Now your baby can hold a milk bottle with much ease and can shake the rattle well. He is able to hold simple objects now. By this age, your baby has gained more control and strength and learned how to get hold of each and every object within his reach and he would now make several attempts to grasp each such object using his tiny hands. He would put everything he picks up in his mouth.
Developing hand-eye co-ordination is a massive milestone of the first year of life and your baby also has to go through this process in order to learn the same. 
What you can do
Here are few ways you can promote your baby’s eye-hand coordination to enhance the gross motor skills of your baby. Offer your baby some interesting and colorful toys that make some fun sound and let your baby explore with his hands and enjoy playing with such toys. When your baby pokes, squeezes or shakes them, are all entertaining for your baby. Bear in mind that at this stage your baby would want to grab onto everything that comes within the reach of his tiny hands and he would love to put it into his mouth, so you have to be very careful not to give your baby anything which can cause chocking and also make sure you keep such small objects out of reach of your baby. Also maintain proper hygiene by providing him clean toys and ensure that the surroundings around your baby should also be clean for his happy and healthy life
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