Your Baby Communicates More Than Before

Your Baby Communicates More Than Before
Non-verbal cues

Your little one is finally responding well to the environment. At this stage, your baby communicates without words. She knows how to grab things and throw them too! She may indulge in behavior that you don’t want her indulging in, this could be something as simple as grabbing your glass to tugging at your hair.  

Your baby's communication cues: What you need to know

As your little one is too young to understand sophisticated language, use non verbal and simple language cues instead. A disappointed expression, a frown accompanied by a sharp calling out of her name should do the trick. Don’t overuse the word “no,” but don’t ignore it either. Eventually, your baby's communication sounds will commence.

Calling her out will create a brief period of pause, use this to your advantage and remove the object from her sight. With time your baby's communication will improve drastically.