Your Baby's A Little Grabber Now

Your Baby's A Little Grabber Now

Just when you are getting used to long nights and 18 hour sleep schedules, your little one throws you in for a loop with a growth spurt. She might need frequent feedings, shorter naps, and more attention. Your little wonder is indeed growing up. She is developing rapidly and you may begin to notice some small changes and a few big ones.

What you need to know

Your little one has you wrapped around her little finger, literally. You may notice that your little one clutches on to your fingers with a death grip; her small hands seem to have enormous strength. She is just polishing up her grasping skills to learn how to hold on to bigger objects. This is reflected in her behavior as she grabs on to everything in sight.

Her appetite increases significantly and her feeding requirements are on an increase. Milk is still her best friend and the only meal she needs. Avoid feeding her any solid food, her tummy is still under construction. Your baby right now may only be able to  stay on her back, don’t worry it will change soon, She will start rolling around and kick up a storm; and if she is quite flexible, will even attempt to grab her feet and put them in her mouth.

Don’t forget that every child is unique, so is yours. Be patient and don’t push her into doing things she isn’t ready for.