Your Baby's Able To Look At Her Feet While Lying On Her Back

Your Baby's Able To Look At Her Feet While Lying On Her Back
4m to 7m
Gross Motor
Woo-hoo! From now on, your baby's making a lot of physical progress and can now look at her feet while lying on her back. During her fifth month, your baby can grab her feet and toes while lying on her back and bring them to her mouth and suck. She will kick and straighten her legs when she is on her back.
What you need to know
She can roll from back to stomach and reach for an object and take it directly to her mouth. She will get upset and start whimpering when you take the object away from her. She will be able to say sounds like “ah” “ooh” “goo” similar to vowel-consonant combinations. She can recognise family members and strangers apart.
What you can do
As she begins to stretch the parts of her body, you can give a gentle and soothing massage to her with a baby oil. This massage will relax and comfort her strained muscles. Ensure that no unwanted objects are placed within her reach and keep monitoring her movements. When she is on her back, you can help her learn about her feet by playing games with her feet and toes like holding both the feet together and kissing them and blowing little buzzing sounds into the sole of her feet and watch your baby’s face having fun.
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