Your Baby's Absorption Skills are Growing Rapidly

Your Baby's Absorption Skills are Growing Rapidly
Cognitive Development

Your cute little sweetheart is now enjoying the world by absorbing and assimilating different sounds and stimuli. You are an excited mom and thoroughly engrossed in your baby. It is a constant source of wonder that your little cherub was just born a few days ago! How quickly time has rolled by!

Baby recognizes your voice

At eight weeks your baby can differentiate between familiar voices and new sounds. This shows that they are keen on listening. They are able also turn their heads to locate the sound which further reflects their enthusiasm.

You might wonder if your baby even understands what is going on around them, but you will be amazed to know that your little genius is actually watching your lips and how they open and close to make interesting sounds. Who knows - you might occasionally be rewarded with a gummy smile, cooing, or gurgling.

Exploring the physical world - Some babies also start to kick and wave their miniature fists at this stage. This is again a stage of exploration whenever their tiny hands or feet come in contact with an object.

So brace yourself! As a bunch of surprises are going to you greet you anytime from your little pocket sized power house!