Your Baby's Actions Are Now Speaking

Your Baby's Actions Are Now Speaking
0 to 7m

For most infants, including your child at this stage, develop baby actions and body movements or motor skills. Your baby who is now only a few weeks old would start using his hands and legs to express various emotions. You would soon notice that your little one flaps his hands when he is laughing or gurgling. Your baby would also use his legs to kick back & forth when he is in a comfortable state enjoying his favorite music.

Your baby's actions and what they mean: What you need to know

Your baby's actions should be understood by you in order to build a strong understanding with him. Learning your baby’s actions are not that difficult. You as a parent need to spend quality time with your child so as to know how his body movements change according to his mood. Moreover, you can play the role of a teacher in helping your little one develop enhanced muscle control when he is trying to speak through his actions. Enact simple signs to express hunger, thirst, etc. in front of your baby so that he starts following them with time. You can also start with baby action rhymes for better communication and understanding.