Now Your Baby Waves Hi And Bye!

Now Your Baby Waves Hi And Bye!
8m to 11m

Your little one is around 8 months old, and here is the time when she will start social interaction in a subtle way. Your baby waves and says hi to people around her. Till now your baby was trying to figure out her ways in this world, and one of her discovery is that people around me are not monsters and are worth befriending! 

Your baby waves at everyone: What you need to know

Your baby may smile at strangers, which she was not doing till few weeks back. Consider it as a welcome change. Don't be surprised if your kiddo suddenly starts waving hands while you are leaving for the office and otherwise. You will notice your baby waves when excited. 

Your baby may do these activities with everyone she sees on the roads, park, shopping mall and the crèche. Understand that she is yet to differentiate among people and knows no boundaries. Your baby waves bye-bye to people who pass by her every now and then.

If your baby hasn't started doing it yet, don't fret. It will happen sooner. All babies are different and grow in their own pace. However, after ten months, if you feel your baby is still not doing any such action, meeting a developmental expert can be considered. 

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