Your Baby's Finger Nails Are Sensitive At This Stage

Your Baby's Finger Nails Are Sensitive At This Stage
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Your little cherub has those adorably cute nails on her hands and feet. Your baby's finger nails look wrinkled as they are very soft and can easily be torn. It is important that your baby gets a frequent trimming of her nails. 

Your baby's finger nails grow fast: What you need to know

You might wonder if they are really going to use them, but your newborn has very little control over the way her hands are going to move. She will move her hands all over herself and perhaps even scratch herself. To avoid this, keep an eye out for her growing nails and trim them regularly. It is normal for your baby to accumulate dust inside her finger nails though she hasn’t done a great deal of work. This is the atmospheric dust gets into your baby's fingernails and so they have to be kept clean since your little one will soon start to put them all into her mouth.

Invest in a pair of good quality baby clippers as soon as your little one is born. If your baby's finger nails are falling off, make sure you trim them frequently, to prevent such situations. Always hold the pad of the finger away from the nail so that it doesn’t get clipped. 

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