Your Baby's First Eating Experience Is About To Begin

Your Baby's First Eating Experience Is About To Begin
6m to 9m
Sensory ability

Your angel is rolling over and trying to sit up now! All this activity will definitely make her hungrier and ready to explore her first bite and with this your baby's first eating cereals experience begins.

This is the time when you should start thinking about her weaning process. Whether your baby is on your milk or a formula feed, chances are you were waiting for this and have already have a range of food items listed to feed her with. However, you must adhere to some basics at this time.

Your baby's first solid food experience: What you can do

You may give your baby fruits, vegetables and cereals- all in mashed form. You should start with a single type of food initially. Try it out for 3-4 days before moving on to the next food item. This helps in identifying the cause in case the child shows any signs of allergy. Don't forget to consult your pediatrician before getting started with this though. You have to make sure your baby's first food experience is good, so that she doesn't refuse to eat meals.

You should never give your baby honey, cheese, citrus fruits or any other milk apart from formula or mother’s. These items are okay only after 12 months. You should maitain Always puree the food you are giving her, as even tiny bits of food can get lodged in her food pipe and can cause choking or a bout of cough. 

With these simple things in mind, you can make your baby’s first eating experience and the journey ahead, fun.