Your Baby's Fisted Hands Will Now Rest Near Their Face

Your Baby's Fisted Hands Will Now Rest Near Their Face
0 to 3m
Fine Motor
At this stage, your child will grasp things when it will be in his range of eyes and hands. Apart from that you will notice that now your little one's hands will be fisted and might open sometimes. He will have his hands near his face as now he can move his hands from one end to another. He will place the hands in different positions and start recognizing voices as well.
What you need to know
Your baby will keep his hands in upright position and also clenched near his face. He can hold things near his face. He will start moving his head in the direction of his hands when he grows upto 3 months old.
As a parent, you should talk to your little one so that he begins to recognize your face and voice. Your baby will now move arms and legs symmetrically. When your baby will be in the third month, he will try to lift head when taken on the shoulder. Even when he is placed on their tummy, he will try to lift his head up and push himself forward.
Your baby can also suck the thumb and coordinate their breathing pattern as well. Your baby will feel activated when some toys are shown or they come in his sight. He will respond by moving his arms and legs in excitement.
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