Your Baby's Growing Immensely- Can She Recognise Your Voice?

Yes! At eight weeks, he is able to recognise and distinguish your voice. In fact, he has been able to do so since he was in your womb. Your voice is very special to your little cherub, it’ll help him connect, identify, and seek comfort. Time and again, you will notice that your voice has a huge impact on your little one’s growing years.

What you need to know

Your voice will act as an assurance to your baby. Whenever he hears you out, he knows that he is safe and you are there for him. While he is hungry, your voice calms him down. Your little one understands that your presence pacifies him.

Your Baby's Growing Immensely- Can She Recognise Your Voice?

During fear and commotion, even if you cannot reach your little one, your voice and calling out can do wonders. It gives your baby a huge sense of security that is beyond your imagination. Talk to him, slowly he will recognise not just your voice, your words too. This will provide him good foundations for language development.




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