Your Baby's Hand-Eye Coordination Is Improving Now

Your Baby's Hand-Eye Coordination Is Improving Now
3m to 6m
Eye-Hand movement
Muscle Strength

Here comes the third month and your little wonder is full of playfulness and excitement. Your baby's hand-eye coordination is in progress. Your baby will now have a firm fist and will try to grab anything and everything that comes her way. This is also the time when you will notice a mature hand and eye coordination.

Your baby's eye-hand coordination: What you can do

Try moving various objects in front of your hand, and your little one will try to grab it with all her power. Even if it is a dangling toy, you will notice that your baby's eyes and hands are moving pretty much in sync. Give your baby hand-eye coordination toys to play with so that she gets a boost to enhance her skills. 

Your baby's fist is much strong and she will hold things tight. However, it is yet some time till she learns to release. Give your baby more and more time to play. You can also start baby hand-eye coordination games to help her better.