Your Baby's Head Control Is Getting Better Now

Happy days are here, now your baby can pull his head up and see all around. Your baby's head control at 4 months is growing at good speed. His gross motor skills are getting fine tuned and the body is getting flexible. This is an interesting phase for him and you as a parent. Even though these are first signs of an independent body movement, there are few things that you need to be careful about, especially head movement. Your Baby's Head Control Is Getting Better Now

Your baby's head control development: What you need to know

Never forcefully try to move your baby's head. It has to come naturally. Don't try to make it happen to many times. Understand that the body is still getting adapted with the environment and anything will do more harm than good. Ensure that while your are carrying your baby, there is nothing that obstructs his movement. Your baby will find moving his head interesting and will at times do it vigorously. Anything obstructive near by can be harmful. Never leave your baby unattended. Understand that baby's head is moving but it is still extremely fragile. A slightest distraction can cause accident. Carry out head control exercises, for example: Give regular massage to make his shoulder and neck more flexible. This will strengthen his core muscles, and ensure better movements. His growth has already begun at a rapid pace and hence, you need to abide by all of the above to make sure it happens smoothly. Your baby's head muscle control at 6 months will develop better.




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