Your Baby's Head Hold During Sitting Will Become Steady Now

Your Baby's Head Hold During Sitting Will Become Steady Now
5m to 8m
Gross Motor
Gross motor
At this stage, your little one might have now achieved his first big step towards his mobility. That is your child can now hold his steadily and this will be the foundation for all the other step by step movements that takes place later during his first year of life such as rolling, sitting and walking. Your little one is around 6 months old, and now he might be able to hold his head properly and strongly while sitting. He can actually now rotate his head to both the sides properly.
What you need to know
At this point, you will notice that your sweetie pie can now sit without aided for long periods. This is because he can actually now hold his head steady and erect while sitting as his neck and spine muscles have much stronger than before. He might also be able to flex his head forward when pulled into a sitting position. At this point your kiddo is ready for jogging stroller; you can go and have a walk with him now. It is a great way to understand that your little one is developing gross motor skills. It is also a positive sign that your kiddo has achieved the big milestone.
However, if you think that you baby is lagging behind then you are the only one who can help your baby to learn how to control his head. Although your child should be sleeping always on his back, give him plenty of tummy time when he is awake. This will help him strengthen his neck muscles as he will try to lift his head and neck while on his tummy to see you or his toys. Also, you can prop him in a sitting position with the necessary neck and back support.
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