Your Baby's Laugh and Chuckles Are On A Rise!

Your Baby's Laugh and Chuckles Are On A Rise!
2m to 5m
Non-verbal cues

At this stage, as your baby grows, he learns about emotions. These emotions are natural, which are understood with time. When the infant is close to his parents, he starts emoting by offering a smile or a big laugh. From the point of development, a smile is much more than it is perceived. A smile reveals a dearth of information about the wellbeing of your little one and is crucial for his mental health.

What you need to know

It is believed that a smile can do wonders. Comfort your little angel with a smile so that he gets rid of all his restlessness and discomfort. Watching you smile will prompt your little one to reciprocate as well. Your little one is a quick learner, make sure that you imitate a laughing face each time you hold him; this would motivate your little one to copy it as well. 

Babies who are 11 weeks old have already formed a vague image of the items that are close to them. When you would offer an item loved by the little baby then a smile would automatically occupy his face. The object can be his favourite soft toy, blanket, pillow, or water bottle. This will help you know what your baby is fond of and what he dislikes.

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