Your Baby's Leg Movements Are Progressing Now

Your Baby's Leg Movements Are Progressing Now
2m to 5m
Gross motor
Muscle Strength

When your child has crossed this age mark, he shows signs of physical movement. Your baby's jerky legs movemnts is an indication to positive body growth, as with time it will improve. You need to let the baby practice this movement on a regular basis. This practice must be sensible without harming the baby.

Your baby's leg movements: What you need to know

1. Your baby must have the habit of flapping his hands and legs. You as a parent need to find out ways so that the baby can use his legs to kick. Make him lie down in a head-up position so that he can observe your actions. Take a pillow and bring it close then back so that the baby finds it attractive.

2. The little one would express emotions through kicking his legs. You can even hold the baby’s legs to fold them back and forth. Make sure your baby has repetitive leg movements to enhance his muscles. 

3. Oil massage your baby daily. If you are a parent and have an infant baby then make sure you try every possible method to keep the little one fit and active. Motivate your baby for constant leg movement. This will also help you to strengthen his muscles and his limbs will eventually become much more healthy and strong. 

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