Your Baby's Memory Progress-Does He Remember Things?

Your Baby's Memory Progress-Does He Remember Things?
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YES! Yes he does! Not only things, your baby will now be able to remember objects, incidents and even faces. Did your baby smile at a person they met two weeks ago? Have they learnt to operate the toy that you gave them a long time back?

What you need to know

Your little one’s brain is rapidly developing. His brain will now store memories; it will process words and languages too. Your baby will now link his past experiences to what he is doing at present. He might even remember how to do things differently in order to get different results.

When your baby retains his memories, he will start understanding grammar and words. Try to teach your baby a few basics like animal and bird names from colourful baby books. Use a lot of hand gestures and facial expressions in order to make the learning experience fun.

What you can do

Peek-a-boo is a good memory game. The best way to retain your baby’s memory is to repeat a routine over and over again. For example, sing a nursery rhyme to your baby regularly, teach him certain rhyme words. You will also find your baby smiling a lot when he recollects something!

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