Your Baby's Movements are Gearing as he Now Rolls Over!

Your Baby's Movements are Gearing as he Now Rolls Over!
Muscle Strength
Gross motor

Your baby is approaching two months, and the sweetest surprise he will give is an impromptu roll over gig! Your little one must be trying hard from last couple of weeks, and may also be able to roll over to his belly, but a complete maneuver take 5-6 months. But, this is also an age where you need to be careful about certain things.

Care and fun during rolling over

1. It's absolute fun when you see your child trying to roll over, and when he eventually does, it's a feet worth thousand claps, simply because it take huge neck and arm strength to maneuver the body to such an extent.

2. As a caution, never force your child to do it. It is a natural process and allow it to happen naturally. Forcing the baby would mean that you are likely to hurt your child in someway or the other.

3. If your child is unforgettable after the turn, look for what is it that is turning this happy moment into utter sadness. In most cases your child's hand may be stuck somewhere or his dress is not comfortable. Check it and solve it.

Lastly, even after seven months if your child is not rolling over, don't fret, but get an opinion from your pediatric.