Your Baby's Muscles Are Developing- See What He Needs

Your Baby's Muscles Are Developing- See What He Needs
Muscle Strength

Your baby is an adorable cutie and at this stage his muscles and limbs are strengthening with each passing day. Massaging your baby is the best way and helps helps in your little one’s development and soothes his muscles and nerves. Your little one will find your gentle touch therapeutic as their tactile sense or sense of touch is highly developed since birth. This will allow the baby to recognize and bond instantly. 

What you need to know

Experts believe that a massage can soothe gassy tummies, pains due to teething, and encourage your baby’s muscle development. Make massage a part of his routine and avoid it before and after meal times.  

Instead choose a time comfortable for your baby as he should relax completely. Unscented, edible vegetable oil or cold pressed oil is ideal for your baby. Coconut and safflower oils are most recommended. You can slightly warm the oil if the temperature outside is cold.

Understand your baby‘s cues, as any slight discomfort will be communicated by your little one. Massage your little one’s legs, feet, heels, chest, face, arms, stomach, and back. Always remember that your massage strokes should be gentle and relaxing. Follow it up with a sponge bath or a tub bath.

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