Your Baby's Natural Scent Keeps Getting Amazing- Is Talcum Powder Needed?

Your baby at this stage has a perfectly soothing natural scent and you simply don't want to leave his side because you love the smell so much! Have you ever considered why your little one requires talcum powder?  Your baby as such does not need talcum powder but if you want to keep your baby’s skin dry, and feel talc will help you do the job, then using it sparingly is recommended. Your Baby's Natural Scent Keeps Getting Amazing- Is Talcum Powder Needed?

What you need to know 

Talcum powder is safe to use but it is wise to use it carefully. It is extremely important that your baby does not breathe in the powder as it contains tiny particles of talc which could be dangerous if your little one inhales them.

The talc can lodge in your little one’s lungs and cause allergies or respiratory problems. Avoid using talcum powder on your baby’s face as they may be passively breathing in the talc. 

The best way to use talcum powder on your baby’s skin is to dust it in your hands. While doing this stand a few feet away from your baby, pour some talc and dab the powder from your palms to your baby’s skin.

It is a common myth that talcum powders prevent diaper rash, next time use a diaper cream instead.




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