Your Baby's Now Undergoing Changes -But Is Hair Loss Normal?

At this stage, alongside overall growth, your baby is also undergoing some changes, one of which is hormonal changes. And a part of this may worry you, for instance, your baby's sudden hair loss? But you need to know that it is perfectly normal! Hair loss in babies happen exactly because of the reason why most women experience heavy hair fall post pregnancy. It is the hormonal changes in the body of both mother and the baby that causes hair fall. This lasts typically till six month. Your Baby's Now Undergoing Changes -But Is Hair Loss Normal?

What you need to know

Your baby's hair growth has two stages- resting stage and growth stage. The resting stage is up to maximum six months when the hair follicles don't grow and you tend to witness a hair loss. This happens due to the hormonal imbalance in the baby's body.

The growth stage runs up to 3 years and this is the time when your baby's hair will grow very thick. This process is know as telogen effluvium. This is perfectly normal. But, the intensity of hairfall may vary from child to child.

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