Your Baby's Obsession With His Toys Will Now Increase

Your Baby's Obsession With His Toys Will Now Increase
Muscle Strength

Your baby is crossing several milestones seamlessly. It is a constant wonder that his development has happened so rapidly and that he has outgrown his sleepy days!

What you need to know

Your baby is now all geared up for playing, smiling and interacting. If you have started putting your baby on a mat or play quilt and are giving him a few minutes of tummy time daily, chances are that your baby can hold his head up for a longer time, though he can’t balance his head completely. Continue to interact with your little one as you might see your baby replace his cute smile with a hearty peal of laughter.

What you can do

Bring an interesting toy close to your baby or talk funny gibberish or pull a silly face to see your little one giggling innocently and whole-heartedly. During this stage, babies become observant about the toys around them and have their own favourites. They select their preferred plaything by examining it to see if it satisfies them visually, is easy to pick up and hold, and even put them in their mouth to enjoy. Do not be alarmed at this; it is quite natural at this stage. Just ensure that the toy is safe for them.

Above all, make sure that your little one's favourite play thing is non hazardous and sterilized regularly.

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