Your Baby's Play Requirements are Changing

Your Baby's Play Requirements are Changing
Fine Motor
Eye-Hand movement

Your munchkin is surrounded by toys showered upon by you, your friends, and her doting grandparents. While she still loves her rattlers and mobiles, they just aren’t that much fun anymore.

She is growing at a very impressive speed and so are her play requirement. Simple toys are hardly stimulating and complex ones take centre stage.

What you need to know

She is now interested in games that have scope for hours of entertainment, such as placing cups or blocks in a series. Stacking cups are a great idea as they are highly entertaining and help her learn different object properties, such as shape, weight, and colour.  

These toys move from play mats to tables quite quickly, add biscuits to a cup and watch as her little fingers fish them out adorably.

As she grows older, cups can be used to demonstrate how water can be poured from one container to another. She will love stacking them up and knocking them down.