Your Baby's Sensitive To Light Now

Your Baby's Sensitive To Light Now

At two weeks, your little one undergoes several internal and external changes, hence your baby's sensitive to light and sound. It is very important to keep him away from a direct light source as this might affect his eyes and hinder normal development. As a new parent, you must now be aware of basic baby care protocol.

Your baby's sensitive to light: What you need to know

It takes several days after birth for your little one to completely open his eyes. His eyes at this stage are extremely sensitive and must be handled with utmost care. Make sure that you organize his room such that there are no bright lights are directly in his periphery as your baby is sensitive to bright light. Opt for minimum intensity tube lights and lamps. His pupils are very vulnerable at this stage; do not expose them to harsh lights.

It is required that you gently rub his eyes from time to time. Massage the areas around his eyes to help him relax. You can cover his cradle with a thin translucent sheet to make sure that lights does not fall directly on his eyes. Avoid clicking pictures with the flash pointing directly at his eyes; it may lead to irreparable damage. Remember that your baby is sensitive to light and at this stage you need to great care of his eyes.