Your Baby's Reflexes Now Respond To A Finger Or A Pacifier

Your Baby's Reflexes Now Respond To A Finger Or A Pacifier
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From day one, your baby instinctively knows how to grasp a finger and suck. Your baby's reflexes are also an indication of her sound health.
Your baby's at birth: What you need to know
Basically, these responses are your new-born’s adaptive actions. Some of these actions help her protect herself in this strange new world that she has entered. Others aid her in finding food. Here it is wonderful to note that your baby's reflexes and reactions are God-gifted abilities through which she keeps her arms, legs, head, and trunk in an alignment that will help her in breathing and development.
Gently rub on her cheek or mouth with your finger or nipple, you will observe her turn towards the touch, with her mouth open, and getting ready to suck. This is the rooting reflex. This appears right at birth and helps find her meal. Though she has an inborn ability to sense your breastfeed, you may notice it takes a few days for the two of you to learn the technique effectively. Your baby's reflexes list will not stop at this, you can always seek help from an experienced source to know more about it.