Your Baby's Rolls From Back To Stomach Will Be More Now

At this stage, your baby rolls from back to tummy in his crib. This frequent rolling comes as a surprise for you and your kiddo. Normally, the rolling starts from back to the tummy, but if your little one roll the other way first, then it’s absolutely fine. This also means that you need to take more care of your child now since his rolling from back to stomach will be more frequent now and rolling is his new favorite trick! Your Baby's Rolls From Back To Stomach Will Be More Now

Your baby rolls from back to tummy: What you need to know

Usually, a baby rolls from back to tummy first instead of the other way around. Your baby may roll from stomach to back too. He might also able to hold his head up, make an arch of his back and also might able to pull his chest off the ground. This position is also known as a mini-pushup. It is a great way to understand that your little one is developing his gross motor skills. It is also a positive sign that your kiddo is developing his upper body muscles that is the arm, spine and neck muscles. 

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