Your Baby Rolls From Stomach to Back- Motor Skills Development!

Your Baby Rolls From Stomach to Back- Motor Skills Development!
2m to 5m
Muscle Strength
Eye-Hand movement

Your baby at this stage is usually jumping, and will do several new things that will hone up his motor skills. Now, your baby rolls from tummy to back. Till now, your baby was rolling to his stomach and now he must do the reverse. Encourage your baby to roll from the stomach to back. This is probably the most useful gross motor task at this early age. This is how you can help your baby.

Your baby rolls from stomach to back at 2 months: What you need to do

You need to utilize things in the baby’s surrounding so that he can learn something important. Place a pillow on one side of the baby. This way, if your baby rolls over from stomach to back, he would be assisted by the pillow, for support. Babies grow active and should be taught about their physical abilities. By this age your baby rolls from stomach to back. You can hold or give a light support for the baby to turn. At this time, babies get familiar with their mother’s voice. You can make him lie down face-up and call out his name. This would motivate him to reach out for you. Observe your baby how he utilizes his hands and legs to roll over.

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