Your Baby's Skin is Sensitive- Insect Bites Are Common

Your Baby's Skin is Sensitive- Insect Bites Are Common
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At this stage, you ay often see that your baby's skin is decked with the traces of small mosquito bites or insect bites. This is because the little one's skin is extremely sensitive. Insect bites and stings are unanticipated and uncomfortable for both you and your baby. They can be quite distressing and may lead to fear reactions in the future.

What you need to know

Bee stings and mosquito bites are common in tropical regions and your baby can be affected if they are exposed while taking a walk in the garden or any other public place. An insect bite is usually characterised by a swollen, red lump and some clear up automatically in a couple of days if it is a mild one.

If you suspect your baby has been stung by a bee, remove the sting. Never squeeze the sting with your fingers as this can release the poison in to your baby. If you are unsure or not confident, rush to the nearest clinic for support. 

Mild bites can be treated by washing the area gently with soap and water, followed by applying a damp cloth and dabbing it. Do not use medications on your own without consulting a doctor. If your child develops rashes after the sting, it could be a case of allergy. Consult a doctor immediately as your little one may need medical attention.

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