Your Baby's Sleep Hours Are Likely to be Longer in the Noon Than at Night

Your Baby's Sleep Hours Are Likely to be Longer in the Noon Than at Night
10m to 1y

Your little one is quite a wonder! While adults tend to sleep more at night compares to noon, your kiddo follows the contrasting pattern of longer sleep hours at daytime and lesser at nights! Don't worry, it's absolutely normal. Kids do like this and of course there has to be an underlying reason for that. Getting the sleep patterns is important for better health. So, let's try and figure out what may be going wrong that is making your little one burn the night lamps, and what could be a possible solution to it.

What you need to know

Understand the fact that your baby's sleep patterns are disturbed. He is sleeping more in the afternoon because he is sleeping less in the night, and vice versa. Your little one will compensate his sleep in one way or the other and here you have a reversed clock time for the little baby. Consciously try to reverse the sleep times. Wake up your baby after 2-3 hours of sleep in the morning. Engage in some fun activities that will keep him awake for more time in the morning.

Put him to bed early and possibly in the same time everyday. This will become a habit slowly and his body clock will adjust to it. Sleep along with your baby for the first few days. At least pretend that you are sleeping so that he understands this is what needs to be done at this hour.

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