Your Baby's Sleep Hours Are Likely Reduce Now

Your Baby's Sleep Hours Are Likely Reduce Now
10m to 1y

Your baby's sleep cycle has changed in comparison to what it was when he was born. You can expect more wake up time and a considerable less sleep time. Your baby will now have more activities in hand and well thoroughly enjoy the time he is awake and agile.

Sleeping hours of your baby will keep changing with age. Certainly, as your little one grows, his sleep time will reduce and active wake up time will increase. Now that your baby is over 10 months, his sleeping patterns will change and as a parent you will have to adjust accordingly. 

Your baby's sleep schedule: What you need to know

Your baby's naps will restrict to 2-4 hours in the morning and afternoon. Mostly, your baby will enjoy a hearty nap after bathing, breakfast and lunch. These naps could be somewhere around one to one and half hours. Don't be surprised if your baby starts getting up in half an hour also. Similarly, your baby's sleeping positions too will change accordingly.

Your baby's sleep pattern will include 10-12 hours, with occasional wake up episodes for feeds. This should continue for next few week before you can expect even less sleep hours.

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