Your Baby's Slumbers Are Now Likely To Be Longer and Peaceful

Your baby should now be able to sleep peacefully all through the night. By the 5th month, your little one is much settled in his own sweet world. Things are in place, and he now understands what is routine is like. His sleep, which till now was erratic, will now fall into place rather conveniently. Your Baby's Slumbers Are Now Likely To Be Longer and Peaceful

What you need to know

Gone are those days when you would be juggling all through the night. Your baby's sleep times have also matured and you can expect him to sleep through for jolly good hours in one go.

This also means that as a parent you are much more relaxed and at peace. You can have your own time and also worry less about your baby's long wake up hours.

However, understand that he is still small and all days will not be the same and he still has a long way to go. There might be days when things will go hay wire. Sit back and relax, it should be just a phase.




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