Your Baby's Steadiness is Improving Now

Your Baby's Steadiness is Improving Now
4m to 7m
Muscle Strength

Your little one is five months old, and you have a much more steady baby in hand. Gone are those days when you would have a bundle of nerve in your hand, and every move would be fragile and messy. Now, your baby is much more coordinated and strong enough to handle.

What you need to know

At 5 months, your baby is much more active and most of the time is in a playful mode. The head is steady and he is now able to hold his head up right for much longer time. He is also able to move his body well, and make an arch with his limbs. His flexibility has increased much more than before.

Your baby is now more emotive as well. Don't be surprised if he starts seeking attention by just making noise and wriggling.

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