Your Baby's Tiny Finger Can Actually Pick Up Objects

Your Baby's Tiny Finger Can Actually Pick Up Objects
6m to 9m
Muscle Strength

Your baby would soon enter six months of age. His physical and mental development has been significant, which has transformed him into a sensible person. Now his motor skills are going to improve and he is actually eligible to pick up small objects using his tiny thumb and finger. You as a parent need to work on his motor skills. Be gentle with the little infant and make him learn with easy steps. 

What you can do

Make the little baby hold a soft object using his index finger and thumb. The child might take several days to perfect this action but be patient. You can offer a soft ball or empty cup for the baby to hold. Make sure the infant learns this task and brings it into his habit.

Finger strength is very important which would help the child in his future dealings. A proper wrist movement is also necessary for the infant to perfect his finger strength. You can make the baby observe your actions so that he can copy it. This is one basic gross motor activity for growing infants. You can practice a lot more activities, which would help in the physical development of the little angel. This finger and thumb action would also help the baby hold a pencil in near future.

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