Your Baby's Vision and Hearing Skills are Getting Better

Your baby is growing rapidly now and is proud with a much improved vision and listening skills. This is a rather welcome change that will provide a great relief to every parent in this world.

What you need to know

Your Baby's Vision and Hearing Skills are Getting Better

New born babies are born with minimum vision and their eye sight enhances with time. Thus, it is important to check if the vision is improving by time.

By this week, your baby is likely to attract bright and bold color patterns along with big shaped toys. An array of bright colors now fascinates him.

Your baby should also be in a position to tract a moving object slowly that is within his reach. Similarly, your baby should also start recognizing sounds. He will get startled by most sounds around him. Slowly, he will recognize his parents' voice too. Isn't all these development absolutely mesmerizing? Sure it is!




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