Your Baby's Vision Is Likely To Get Sharper

Your little baby's vision at birth and following it will develop in stages. As soon as he crosses the age bar of only a few days, he would be able to recognize clear figures. After a few months, it will be easier for your child to recognize faces of the people who are there with him throughout the day. In other words, your baby's vision will only grow stronger every day from now on. Your Baby's Vision Is Likely To Get Sharper

Your baby's vision after birth: What you need to know

As a parent, you need to be active in order to check your baby's vision and visionary abilities. Hold a colorful object in your hand standing at a shorter distance. Call out the baby and see if he notices the object or not. If he does, then test him further by moving the object at a farther distance. There are cases when babies aren’t able to spot objects or human figures. In such a situation, do take your baby to the physician for checkup.

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