Your Baby's Yawns- What Development is it Indicating?

At this stage, your baby yawns a lot! Have you wondered what yawning tells about your child? Yawning- a fairly simple at that all of us do when we are sleepy. But, have you seen your new born baby yawn? Have you felt that your baby might be sleepy and so yawning? Have you noticed your baby yawing several times a day and wondered what could have been going on? Well, baby's yawning speaks a lot of your baby. Your Baby's Yawns- What Development is it Indicating?

Your baby yawns: What you need to know

Your child is yawning from the time he is in your womb. So, it is a natural process your baby does it just like all adults. Unlike adults, he doesn't yawn only when he is sleepy, your baby yawns after a nap too. It is said that a babies can yawn without being sleepy and can sleep without yawning. So, for your baby, yawning is no indicator that he is tired or sleepy. Your baby yawns in sleep too, this means he is over stimulated and is cooling him off. Interestingly, your baby will actually indicate through yawing that he is actually alert and happy. Your child may yawn frequently because of the medication you are taking. If you are breastfeeding and on certain medication, your little one is likely to yawn more frequently.

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