Your Champ is Ready to Don Some Cool Footwear Now

Your Champ is Ready to Don Some Cool Footwear Now
11m to 1y

Your baby is now mobile and perhaps walking around the home taking little baby steps. If your baby isn’t doing so yet, he should be pulling himself up or standing with support. This is the time to focus on the shoes and socks your baby is wearing. Appropriate footwear will enable your baby to move freely and also give his feet the required protection against hazards.  

What you need to know

Your baby isn’t steady just yet and is prone to slipping and tumbling over. Wearing footwear and socks that help anchoring your baby to the floor is the best thing that you can do. You can buy your baby some barefoot sandals. When choosing to be at home you may also consider leaving your baby around with socks only and no shoes.

Cotton socks are less prone to slipping as compared to acrylic and woollen ones. Socks with anti-skid dimples on the soles are great alternatives. When choosing the right shoes for your baby pick shoes that have patterned and corrugated soles. These will give your baby a better grip on the floor. And hopefully fewer tumbles and injuries!

Refrain from buying shoes that are too fancy with multiple hooks and buckles. This may harm his little feet.