Your Child Cam Search With Eyes To Track Sound

Your Child Cam Search With Eyes To Track Sound
3m to 6m
At this stage, your child starts gazing at things to identify them. They try to track sounds with eyes. Your kid uses his eyes as a source to recognise and co-relate.
What you need to know
The kid now has a better visionary. He can try and recognise objects which are near them. If you make any kind of sound, your baby tries to identify it. He is now familiar with your sound and tries to find out whether it is you. Make any kind of sound near him. His eyes starts wondering to find the source of the sound. He quickly tries to look into the direction of the sound.
He also tries to move towards toys which makes sounds and grabs them. He can recognize sounds and a familiar sound always soothes him. He raises his head and chest as a responding act to sounds. He looks into the direction of lights, which means his hand–eye coordination is developing day by day. 
Thus this is the time you should talk to him, introduce various sounds which appeals him and give him toys to play with and enjoy. 
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