Your Baby Chuckles Often Now

Your Baby Chuckles Often Now
4m to 7m
Brace yourself dear parent because your baby's chuckle sounds are getting prominent with each passing day. At this stage of over 3 months, your child has started smiling and chuckling to express herself better. This gives you immense pleasure. You want this to happen often.

Your baby's chuckles: What you need to know

The infant is smiling till now as it was a sensory and reflexive reaction and not a social gesture. Your baby chuckles softly at you. She does not understand the meaning of things you do, to make her smile. But now she wants to connect with you. She has understood that, her chuckling draws your attention. She is building a relationship. She has learnt that she can get a reaction from you by chuckling. In fact, she involves her whole body in this cycle.
She throws her hands and legs along with smiling. She also smiles back at you when you make sounds to attract her. She enjoys every moment she spends with you. At the time of play she makes strange sounds to express herself, at times in the night, your baby chuckles in sleep. All these changes will gradually be firm and emotional actions. This is the best time to enjoy your cutie's delighted smiles and revive your childhood days.
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