Your Baby Grabs Toys While Sitting

Your Baby Grabs Toys While Sitting
5m to 1y
Gross Motor
Muscle Strength

Your little baby can now sit on her own. This is a wonderful achievement which should be appreciated by you. Your baby grabs toys with her hands so try to offer her favorite toys when she is stable in this posture. This is a classic test of muscle coordination which develops with age. 

Your baby grabs objects: What you need to know 

As a parent, you need to polish your baby’s development skills through active guidance. When she is sitting, place colorful toys in different directions within her reach. You will seee your baby grabs toys one by one. Make sure pillows are kept to cover her surrounding so that your little angel doesn’t fall. You can also motivate your baby to grab hanging toys to improve her grasping and eye-hand coordination skills.