Your Child Can Grasp Things Between Thumb And Forefinger

Your Child Can Grasp Things Between Thumb And Forefinger
6m to 9m
Fine Motor

Congratulations! As your child enters the six months mark from tomorrow, loads of development milestones are on their way! At the stage of 6-9 months your child is learning to use his hand to hold things. He is able to grab small things with each in one hand and big things with both the hands. He is using all his parts of the body to play.

What you need to know
Your child is developing and is learning new traits and tricks. The child is now crawling and has a tendency to catch hold of everything near him. So keep away everything which is not fit for him or will hurt him. There is a fine coordination of the hand and eyes. He is trying to grasp everything with his thumb and forefinger and will hold his toys. He is also readily putting things out of containers. He is trying to feel everything with his mouth. Do not let him hold everything and put it into the mouth. This is the time when you need to be vigilant for your child. Play with him. Give him things to hold to firm his grip. He is enjoying his new development and so you also enjoy his growing years with him. 
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