Your Child Can Now Bear Weight On Hands

Your Child Can Now Bear Weight On Hands
6m to 9m
Gross motor
At this stage you can happily see that your child pushes herself up on arms when she lays on tummy and continuously tries to make movements. Your lovely angel is 6 months old now and she’s growing stronger day by day. Now it’s time for her to respond her musical toys by holding her head up.
What you need to know
At this point, you notice that your baby can hold her head up for longer period while bearing her body weight on hands, also she will try to adjust her body to look at things around her. By this time your little princess will start enjoying her tummy time. Now your cutie pie will always try to make a move to reach her favourite toys, so all you need to do is enjoy these mesmerizing moments of your child’s developments.
However you should make sure that your cutie pie doesn’t hold her weight on hands for longer time in the beginning, as there are chances she might fall on either of the sideways and can end up in hurting herself.
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