Your Child Can Now Hold Head From Bed

Your Child Can Now Hold Head From Bed
2m to 5m
Gross Motor
Gross motor
At this stage, your little one is achieving quite a number of physical milestones and his muscle strength is increasing rapidly. The little one who had a floppy stance will now slowly be able to raise his head from the bed. So what are you waiting for? Watch your baby to roll over in his crib.
What you need to know:
At this point, you will notice that your little one might now be able to hold his head from the bed. He might also lose most of the bobble in his head, as his neck muscles are becoming stronger. Your little one might be able to lift his head as much as 45 degrees from the ground when lying on his stomach. This is also the period when your baby might begin to self-soothe in the large part because he might can get his little, fat thumb into his mouth. It is a great way to understand that you kiddo is developing his motor skills. It is also a positive sign that his back and neck muscles are becoming stronger.
However, some babies might not follow the same regime of physical development milestones as other babies do. It’s okay as every baby develops at his own pace.That means you should not worry too much if your baby fails to meet two or three of the physical markers, but if you sense a lagging behind in a variety of areas, then schedule an appointment with your pediatrician or any child care expert and seek advice.
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