Your Child Can Now Look From One Object To Another

Your Child Can Now Look From One Object To Another
2m to 5m
Eye-Hand movement
Lo and behold! Be ready to see some dramatic transformation in your child from being a fully dependent on you cutie to a perfectly responsive and totally active infant! Your little one at this point will slowly begin to let go of a lot of her newborn reflexes and begin to have better coordination and control over her body. Her exploration will expand and she will begin looking into her hands, her movements, and look from one object to another.
What you need to know
At this point, you will notice that your little one will begin to follow things with his eyes and will recognize people at a distance. You will also notice that your child can now look from one object to another. She is also developing her hand-eye coordination and might start swipe at dangling objects with her hands, grasp onto
your fingers, and even hold and inspect small toys. Color differences are becoming more prominent to your baby and she will soon begin to differentiate between various colors. 
Encourage your baby with this development, by exposing her to more bright colors, in the forms of objects like balloons, ribbons, etc. Anything that's fancy is always loved by the child.