Your Baby Pulls Himself To Stand

You will feel to be the happiest mommy on the board, when you see your baby pulls to standing position on his own and succeeds most of the times. Your child has just crossed the 9th month completion mark and he loves to stand despite of falling down many times.

Your baby pulls to stand: What you need to know

By now you will notice that your baby pulls self to standing position using furniture. His hands do most of the work and helps him a big deal to stand on his own. You will be amazed to see his efforts that he will make to stand and walk.

As your baby is in learning phase now, there are few things which you need to keep in mind, like this is high time now to set the crib to its lowest height, you will notice your baby pulls to stand in the crib. However, you must always encourage your child to stand, also, you can give him a sign to stand up and hold your hand. Give furniture that is safe for him to pull himself up. So just be happy now that your baby is ready to achieve another milestone in his development.




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